Dave Ramsey – The Financial Guru That Helps People Get Out of Debt

Dave Ramsey has been helping people get their finances in order since the 90’s.  His nonsense approach may offend, but the number of people he has helped is admirable.

Dave is a firm believer in budgeting, living debt free, and investing in the future.  

When we paid off our $50,000 worth of debt in only six months, we followed many of Dave’s teachings from his book “Total Money Makeover.”

Total Money Makeover:  A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness by Dave Ramsey

If you are ready to pay off your debt and get your finances in order, then this book is a must read or listen for all of you who love Audible as much as I do!

If you are not afraid of tough love, then this book is for you.  Dave Ramsey takes a no-nonsense approach to motivate you to pay off your debt fast.

Buy it on Amazon today!

The Financial Guru That Helps People Get Out of Debt

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