9 Tips That Will Make You Successful When Setting Big Goals

Setting successful goals can be challenging.  To help you with your goal setting, we have put together 9 tips and tricks to help you out.

When setting a goal you must know where you want to go, where you want to be, but a specific time.  Remember, a goal is not a destination.

The benefit of accomplishing a goal is not the destination; it is the decisions you make.

It is the person you become along the way that determines your real success.  A goal is taking a dream and developing a roadmap that allows you to reach your dream.

Just keep in mind that a goal worth setting is one that celebrates the journey required to reach the destination.

How do goals help with personal growth and getting shit done?

Goals make our actions intentional, focused, and most important, productive.  Goal setting is a robust process that ensures we are continuing to develop by avoiding stagnation.

It is that driving force that encourages us to overcome obstacles and find out what makes us who we are.

Goal setting is so much more than just making sure we are getting shit done.  It is our reminder of where we have been and where we want to be.

When you take pen to paper, that written goal becomes an external representation of you; it is your constant reminder who you are striving to become.

What to consider when setting goals

SMART goals have been around for years.  It is an overused acronym that has a bit of substance to it as it proves to be sound advice for any goal.

S – Specific: If you are going to reach for something, make sure you know what you are reaching for.  It is all in the details.  Envision your destination and allow yourself to start plotting out your plan on how you are going to get there.

M – Measurable: Along the way, you will have points of measurement. These points allow us to regroup, celebrate, or realize that we have arrived at our destination, and it is time to shift our focus onto the next big thing.

A – Achievable: Setting a goal that you can achieve allows you to push forward and provides for wins along the way.  If you set goals that you must continuously modify due to unattainable deadlines or unrealistic outcomes, the human response is to give up.  Start small, have some wins, and then build from there.

R – Relevant: It makes a difference in your life. If a goal does not honestly mean something to you, it will always be outside of your reach.

T – Time-Bound: Set a deadline. A deadline is an accountability reporting waypoint.  It forces you to ensure your goal is specific enough to accomplish; it requires you to review the points of measurement, ensure that the goal is still achievable, and is a reality check to ensure your goal is still relevant.

Where to start – 9 Tips to Setting Goals You Can Achieve

Below are a few tips and tricks to help you get started with the process of transforming your life through goal setting.  That may be a dramatic intro, but once you have successfully set goals with substance and achieved those goals, you will understand that a bit of drama is in order.

If you apply just one of the tips below, you can experience the power of goal setting and naturally start implementing more and more favorable decisions that will change the direction of your life.

This is serious stuff here 😊

1. Before you chase a dream, your “Why” must be defined

Successful goals derive from our wants and needs.  Your goal is your plan for your future.  Goals are the basic directives to making your life better.

If you are going to reach for something, make sure you know “why” you are reaching to obtain the goal.  It is all in the detail.

Envision your destination and allow yourself to start plotting out your plan on how you are going to get there.  Remember that life is a journey and there are opportunities all around us.

Staying focused on your destination is important.  Just do not allow that focus to detract you from the possibilities that present themselves to you along the way.

When drafting your goal, try to answer the five “W” questions:

  • Why is this goal important?
  • What will I accomplish during the journey to reach the goal?
  • Who will need to be involved for me to succeed?
  • Where will I be when I reach this goal?
  • When will I get there?

2. Align with your values.

Tony Robbins once said, “Any time you have difficulty making an important decision, you can be sure that it’s the result of being unclear about your values.”  For your goals to be successful, you must ensure that the goal aligns with your values.

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A decision-making crisis occurs when your goal is not in line with your core values.  It is our core values and core beliefs that hold us accountable to ourselves.  Our core values are why do we do what we do.

Draft a goal map that integrates your core values and if you feel yourself faltering, refer to the goal map document to help you to refocus you and offer the guidance you need.

Our real purpose is at the center of the decision we make.

It is the “why” that allows you to work so hard. Whatever your reason for pursuing your dreams through the path of a goal, your core values must be at the center of all that you do.

Whatever successes or failures come your way, you will know that everything you did was for the right reason.

3. Ensure your goal is in sync with your wants

There are times when we set goals that do not imitate what it is that we want.

  • Viewing having more money will bring gratification when it is truly a change in environment or someone to love that we seek.
  • Needing more free time when all we need is work that we are passionate about.
  • Thinking we want to be alone when the reality is we just need to be around more positive people.

Too often we are caught wandering through life without a clear picture.  Without a clear picture, we will never feel fulfilled as we have no true comprehensions of what “success” or “accomplishment” is.

Before you set a goal, you need to evaluate its relevance to you and continue to ask yourself what it is that you want.  Know that wanting is not something to be ashamed of but a subtle or a forceful push you feel deep inside that helps you reach the finish line.  Embrace it!  😊

4. Put it in writing

Studies from reputable institutions and from testimonials from some of the most successful individuals of our time substantiate the importance of goal setting.  With all this success, one would think that we should teach, nurture and support the practice of setting goals.  Unfortunately, this is not the case.

It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure. –  Bill Gates

Statistics make a strong argument that the act of goal setting changes lives. A Harvard Business Study found that within ten years of graduation, the three percent of graduates who had their goals written down earned ten times the collective total of the remaining 97%.

By wring your goals down, you are committing to your success.  It is a mini contract that you have put to paper that will hold you accountable and allow you to enjoy the journey of meeting your goals!

5. Share your goals with others

When you share your goals with others, you are making a verbal proclamation that this what I want and I am pursuing my dream.  By sharing your goals with others can be scary.  It is that fear if I fail, those I have shared my goal with will know I am not a success.

Let’s think about this a bit.  It is scary when you share your ambitions, but what is even more frightening is keeping them inside.

By not allowing anyone to contribute to your journey, you are excluding yourself from having someone to celebrate with when you reach that goal.

I say own it!  Throw it out there!  Share your goals with others and share your excitement of reaching milestones!

You never know the impact you will have.  Maybe you will encourage someone else to dream too.

6. Do whatever it takes to motivate yourself

Remember, a goal is yours and no one else’s.  You need to devise a plan of motivation.  Motivation is that driving forces that push you over the hurdles that inevitably pop up.

They are out there and you need to have applied whatever it takes to remind yourself of what you are working towards.

Some use a vision board, and others use power statements on their bathroom mirror, or lists and charts.  Figure out what works for you and keep that motivation close.

It is the key to your success.

7. Focus on the action

Now with your goal in minds, start taking action.  Ideas are just ideas.  It is the actions that turn your dreams into reality, and your goals are just that!  Your goals are the steps you must take to reach the next stage and will result in making your life better.

For success, you must establish waypoints along the journey.  These waypoints are predetermined accomplishments that are time sensitive.  It is these waypoints that allow you to maintain momentum and encourage the successful completion of the goal you have set out to accomplish.

The time is now and if you sit on your butt and do nothing…you will have nothing!

8. Reevaluate and reposition

The roadmap to achieving your goals is not set in stone.  It is a journey that you must stop, check out the scenery, and seek advice.  Goals continuously need to be evaluated and nurtured to ensure you are remaining true to your current wants and needs.

Sometimes you miss a target.  That does not mean that you failed, it is just your opportunity to reevaluate your position.

9. Enjoy the journey

The journey is more important than the destination.  The doing is often more important than the outcome. Arthur Asche

What a quote filled with so much common sense, yet how many of us live by it? At one point or another, we are all guilty of making the focal point of our lives our future.  We are always jumping to the next phase of our lives.

It wasn’t that long ago that little running footstep, siblings having a knock-down-drag-out fight and barreling laughter filled our home.  We realize how fast time flys.

We can get so caught up on the need to accomplish more, climb higher and reach farther all in the name of success.

Time has taught us that the carrot is the reward and not the journey required to get there.

We think it is time to reevaluate this thinking as it is the journey that ultimately shapes our personality and makes us who we are.

It is our memories on a journey allow us to have a positive outlook on life.  They teach us that success is possible and enables us to reach for more.

Enjoy the steps you take.  They are yours and no one else’s.

What do you do to set goals you can achieve?  What is your favorite motivator along the way?

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